How To Use

Read and Follow These Necessary Instructions for Taking SYNDROS

SYNDROS (dronabinol) oral solution is a prescription cannabinoid that is taken by mouth through an oral syringe. The proper use of SYNDROS is very important. Be sure that you review the proper technique with your doctor and understand the right way to use SYNDROS. For more information, please see the Administration Video and Instructions for Use below, as well as the full Prescribing Information.

Each time the SYNDROS prescription is filled, patients must read all approved Instructions for Use. Patients should drink a full glass of water (6 to 8 ounces) directly after taking SYNDROS.

Watch the Administration Video

This helpful video demonstrates how to administer SYNDROS.

Read the Instructions for Use

Download and read the most recent approved Instructions for Use.

Each SYNDROS carton contains:

  • One 30-mL (5-mg/mL) bottle of SYNDROS
  • One calibrated oral dosing syringe
  • One adapter
  • SYNDROS Prescribing Information Insert